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We have Peavey

Peavey Driven by an unmatched legacy of innovation and a total dedication to quality and reliability, Peavey Electronics embodies the pursuit of perfection in music and audio. For nearly five decades, Peavey has blazed its own path toward musical perfection. Peavey Electronics Corporation is one of the largest makers and suppliers of musical instruments, amplifiers and professional audio systems in the world. Hartley Peavey has famously said, "In order to be better, by definition you must be different."

We also have Ventura

Ventura is a U.S. registered trademark.

The dynamics in the music industry have changed, as consumers became considerably more cash conservative and value oriented as a result of the constant strain of uncertain employment. While people did not necessarily want to give up their desires for new musical products, they became considerably more conscious of the price, and the value received for the dollar spent.

The market dynamics just mentioned have been the guiding light in the design, development and pricing of the Ventura product line, as well as the general approach we have taken to the marketplace. In terms of features, styling, and cosmetic appeal, Ventura musical products are significantly more then what is commonly available at similar price points. Additionally, the level of playability is beyond what is expected, and notable, as is the durability and consumer appeal of the product.

We also carry Indiana guitars

The Indiana Guitar Company was established nearly two decades ago with a simple thought: To build great playing instruments that inspire people to play. Its a simple idea but one we have never wavered from. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, our instruments provide plenty of inspiration in a variety of models that discerning players all over the world love.

We take pride in our guitars and do our very best to ensure you're getting a quality instrument that inspires and performs. All Indiana Guitar Company instruments carry a written 10 Year Warranty so no matter what, we've got you covered.